Monday, October 29, 2007


With halloween only days away we are considering just putting the dot in this sleeper and having her go as Toby from Labyrinth. That or a Christmas Elf. Here she is showing off all her new tricks. Clapping, attacking her favorite toy the car seat and shaking her head in order to avoid sleep. Sorry its dark. And you might want to turn the volume off as all you'll hear is LeSueur boys talking about walmart jobs. Other than that- Enjoy.

3form function

I just got back from another trip to New York- this time solo- to coordinate the opening of our NYC showroom.
I stayed one night at Erin and Ryan's new gorgeous house and was pleased to find out that Cory and I are not the only couple who disagree about decorating.
Thanks Wrights- I had a wonderful time! Wish it could have been longer.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Cory and I are officially homeowners as of last week. We are now residents of Herriman- way up on the mountain. As such it has snowed the last two saturdays making it slightly more difficult to move as much as we would like. We're in the middle of making it our own (ie. painting, furnishing, wood floors from ikea)and it was slow going until we got our new mazda (not shown-maybe in our very own garage?)
Now if we could only get the rest of the BALK floor needed for the front room we'll be done in no time. Pictures will inevitably follow.

A special thanks to Ben and Sarah for being our first houseguests amid all the chaos.

Here is a list of firsts in our marriage

1. the first time we've had two cars. Well we had two cars before for about a week before the mustang died.
2. A dishwasher
3. a garage
4. a separate room for dot
5. stairs
6. as many bathrooms as there are people
7. a car with a remote door lock (mere is really excited about that one!)
8. a bedframe!
9. a guest room
10. a feeling of poverty in their hearts