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Tactile Learner and Right Brained

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So at Townes' 18 month check up the pediatrician asked how many words he used. I told her he didn't have any words. She didn't seem extremely concerned but she did suggest early intervention "just in case". I'm not worried about him, since I can tell he's just like Cory - right-brained. Left brain is language, and right brain is emotion and images and design. I haven't found any list milestones that are strictly related to right-brained development - like "does he get jokes? that is usually at 24 months". Cause Townes was making jokes at 10 months, is he advanced? I don't know. Doctors are all left-brained...
My question for you is how can I help Townes develop his language knowing that he is primarily right-brained and a tactile learner? I should have started sign language, where do I start with that now? I stocked up on touchy, feely books and that totally increased Townes' interest in storytime (see last post) but what else?

If you're curious to know if you are primarily right brained or left brained, I found a quiz online.

I wanted Cory to take the test so that I could get a glimpse into Townes' mind, and he was pretty much super-annoyed by it. Cory figured out a major flaw in any test about this. Tests are verbal, sequential and ultimately left-brained. If you really want to see if someone is right-brained there should be a big question at the top - "do you want to take this test?" nope? you're right brain. I laughed really really hard.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Townes has one word

He says on his own. It's roar. And he only says it when he reads this book.
$500 to the person who can guess what game Dot and Cory are playing in the background.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pretty Pictures

So I've been using flickr to find great pictures from places from my childhood.

Just leaving the marina at Shuswap Lake

A path somewhere behind my old house in Gold Bar Park. I love the future.

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They make eachother laugh

And yes dotty has 3 ponytails.

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