Monday, August 15, 2011

Bella the Bull

So we got a bulldog. She is adorable as you can see, but also she is just awesome.

Cory has always wanted a bulldog, and this one needed a good home.
Noone loves her more than Townes. He doesn't say Mama, dada or Dotty, but he learned Bella the first day she came.
We've always called Townes our bulldog, mostly because of his droopy eyes and baby chubby cheeks, but with a real bulldog I'm realizing the similarities don't end there.
1. Small bursts of energy followed by long lazy days
2. Concern when someone is upset.
3. Very patient and uncomplaining and rarely barks
4. Loves belly scratches, head scratches and nuzzles.
5. Short legs and a big tummy

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kung Fu Townes

YouTube Video

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Townes' words

Today at talking school, townes' speech therapist asked how mNy words I thought he had. I thought of ten. She said it was more like 25. Way to be positive mere!
Here's a list
1. Hi-ya
2. Bye
3. Ball
4. Buzz
5. Car
6. Go!!!
7. Uh oh!!!
8. Mmm
9. Good!!
10. Bubble
11. Hi
12. Alldone
13. In
14. Out
15. Crash!!
16. Bath
17. dot
18. Bum bum
19. Poopoo
20. Off

But really everything after 10 is a stretch. I'm just being realistic.

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