Saturday, July 26, 2008


The family reunion went off as planned with all Andrew Hudson family members in attendance who had working, functional pancreases (pancri?)
I need to send an email to all the attendees and get a complete photo library. Right now the only pictures I have on this laptop are ones that Karen sent of the babies after bathtime, and they aren't quite internet appropriate.
So this is a call for all pictures of the event.
As a recap, these were the highlights of the trip.
1. mom and dad playing Rock Band
2. mom stressing that she couldn't answer my phone because she was trying to answer Dot's toy phone- "but there are two green buttons!"- yes mom, and there is also a star, heart and diamond on the top of the huge plastic phone...
3. max showing off his "tricks" in the pool- really cool moves
4. temple quarry day hike
5. rocking out on the microphone with ella

Things I will try to remember to do next year
1. take more pictures
2. take video
3. don't forget to make my mom a t-shirt
4. take a family picture with us all in our t-shirts (I can't believe we didn't do this, what was I thinking?)
5. Take more pictures