Monday, March 29, 2010

There's something about Mary

So Dotty had the Easter lesson in nursery this Sunday (yes, poor girl is still in nursery, but she doesn't seem to mind). And she was paying pretty good attention to the details or at least grasped that there was a "Mary" involved - "just like you mummy!".
She brought home the classic scribbled coloring page with Jesus and the tomb and asked me to cut out the pieces. "Because my teacher said you could cut it out". So I cut it out.
A little while later she is playing with the cutouts and I overhear her yelling,

"Mary....Mary.... help me... aahhh... I'm stuck in the tomb"

[different voice] "Oh, I'll help you."

[first voice]"Thank you Mary".

It might be blasphemous but I kind of like the story that way.

Happy Week Before Easter!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Right now Townes is sick with Pink Eye and two ear infections. So I thought I'd remind myself what the little boy is like when he's feeling his best. This is his favorite joke - drop something and say "uh-oh". Its hi-larious.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Found this picture in my cruise photos. Not sure why I took it as you can see I totally lost. Not sure which C is Cory and which one is Casey - but I'm pretty sure Cory was #6 to my #7.


I lost my camera cord some time ago and finally got something to get my pictures out of my camera. Can you believe it has been since November? I have cruise pictures, christmas pictures and more to share. I'm going to start with these.
We went to a great indoor swimming pool in Calgary over Christmas and Dotty had the time of her life. She would go down the Orange Slide (capitalized out of respect for being so wonderful) all by herself! It was scary to see her flop into the wavy water but I was really so proud of her.

Dotty hugging her cousin Eve

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ugly ugly, very ugly

Grandma and Grandpa Hudson gave Dotty a Robert Munsch Anthology for Christmas and she absolutely loves every story in it. Lately she has been enamored with Stephanie's Ponytail. It is about the trend-setting Stephanie who wears her hair the way she wants despite disapproval from her peers. Just like in life, the naysayers inevitably become the early adopters and the whole school copies Stephanie's styles.

Dotty loves it.

And now, when I'm doing her hair, sometimes she asks for some of the ponytails Stephanie comes up with. This one was my favorite.

Dot:"It looks just like broccolli coming out of my head."

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Dotty loves Easter. Ever since Easter 2009, whenever she draws a picture it is always an egg. "Mom, I'm drawing a purple egg". She started putting arms on the eggs for a brief "monster period" but she never really left the egg.
Dotty is also obsessed with directions. Whenever we are in the car she always says "tell me the words of how we go" meaning I have to narrate our navigation wherever we are going. I remember being obsessed with this as a child and loving figuring out how to get places around the city. So I've been trying to teach her about east and west.

Me: "See those big mountains?"
Dot: "yes"
Me: "When we are driving that way, it means we are going East"
Dot: "Oh, like the Easter bunny!"

I'm telling you, she loves Easter. We are so excited to have a week of fun leading up to Easter weekend with my mom and Anne coming to town. Then a party at Grandma Donnay's house on Saturday and an egg hunt at D&Ps on Sunday.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Townes is a studious boy

Townes has finally learned how to clap his hands and he is very proud of himself. It took me awhile to catch him. So beware. But I think he is cute throughout the whole thing. I love his face right before he claps and his excitement just after. He has such a serious face.

Dotty sings

Did you think your sound was broken? That was Dotty's idea of a funny joke. She wanted it to be "oh no, its broken"

But she thinks this one is even funnier.

btw - you get points from Cory if you know what that little song is from that I'm singing. It is Dotty's favorite line from her new favorite movie.