Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I love my job

Apart from the obvious things about my new job, there are so many happy surprises.

1. there is two other new moms who showed me the special pumping room. I still my own key, maybe tomorrow.
2. I met with HR and he lives in Highland too, so we will carpool at least 2 days a week.
3. The company is so environmentally conscious they don't even get paper faxes. All faxes get sent directly to your email. Magic.

This afternoon I'm going shopping for props.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

So we are back from California and here are the stats. Dotty is 16lbs 3 oz (which is 95% for weight) and 27 in. (which is off the charts for height). So my baby is fat but she is also just really really big. She got her second round of shots and of course it was heartbreaking. Dotty was having so much fun on the little bed since the paper sheets sounded so cool when she kicked and then the nurse jabbed her and she just looked at me like "what? I was being so could you!" Well she got over it with a little tylenol. I'm still giving her tylenol every once and awhile since her bruises are so big! I made a terrible mistake putting her in really cute bloomers that cut right on her bruises. She was screaming before I realized what I had done.

Anyway today is memorial day and so I decided to write about my favorite memories. This will help me keep my mind off my new job that starts tomorrow...

1. December 13th 2003- The night Cory proposed.
He had planned a great date up in salt lake. We were to do a session at the salt lake temple, go out for dinner and look at the lights on temple square. On the way up I said, "you know what I realized when I was getting ready...this is like the perfect night for you to proposed! with the temple and dinner...its so romantic" I had no idea that that was part of the plan...I'm such an idiot. The temple was great, dinner was fabulous salmon and then we took pictures all over temple square. On the way back to the car cory wanted to walk up to this cool house and take pictures there but I was cold. I said i'd wait in the car but he wouldn't have it. So he took my picture with salt lake in the background and when I turned around he had a ring ( I thought he must have gone somewhere to get it during the night on account of what I had said) I said yes and we drove home and cory felt sick so we pulled over. we called his family and his dad asked if I knew how to spell their name.

2. May 1-6 2004- Our first week as marrieds-
We didn't go on a honeymoon because we just wanted to get our house in order. We painted and made some desks and just hung out. It felt weird to be married, like we were trying not to bug the other person because we were married and we didn't want the other person to regret being married. We were lying in bed one night and I don't remember who said it first but someone just said, "this is weird" We ended up talking for a long time with our feet touching and feeling so much better about being married and sharing a life together. It was my favorite night

3. April 2006- when I found out dotty was coming-
Cory was in Hawaii and I wasn't feeling so good. pms that wouldn't stop. I took a pregnancy test and it was really positive. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to wait and tell Cory in person when I went out to hawaii for our anniversary. I sat on the bed and just wondered alone what I was going to do. At that moment I remember thinking- I should be scared and lonely but I just felt so neat...really calm and excited. I ended up telling cory over the phone two weeks later because I couldn't stand it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Back to the Beach

We leave for California today. Dotty and I are flying back to visit the urologist and to get her four month shots. While we are there we'll be sure to visit Grandma LeSueur and aunt Sabrina. Have some fun with William and Ashley and have a burger at in n out. We'll miss daddy and our blogging access. Watch for how the trip went when we get back Wednesday night. Here's a flashback to what Dotty looked like the last time we were at the beach.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dream Job

After being rejected for a couple of jobs that I didn't really want anyway, I ended up getting a job that will totally make leaving my 4 month old at home worth it {sort of}.

I will be working for 3-form which is a manufacturing company that supplies designers, architects and consumers in general with environmentally sound material with an uber-modern flare. I will be helping out with photo shoots for new product brochures, coordinating the time line of advertising deadldines, helping out with tradeshow logistics and {my favorite} writing copy for the brochures, website and other written work. I'm really excited, a little nervous and seriously amazed that they picked me.

They probably felt sorry for me since through the whole interview I was smiling and slurring "this is my dream job..." I start the day after memorial day which gives Cory time to give two weeks notice at DCWV. And then a week after I leave for Chicago for our first tradeshow {one of only 3 a is in NYC...hello erin!} And the girl who I am replacing leaves for Cleveland at the end of June. It will be all me.

I'm so excited to work for a company that is as much interested in being environmentally sustainable (ecoresin is made of 40% recycled industrial material) as they are about their bottom line. I will also be paid to buy and return expensive furniture. That's the deal maker right there.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

now competing from canada

I'm supposed to be posting about how Dotty looks like a doozer from fraggle rock, but I've been kind of hard on her lately so something better.

Looking for a new swimsuit has not been fun until I found this one at

It's called the water ballet suit.
Oh the memories. I want to see the tournament this year. Elise and Audrey vs. Alice and Jackie will compete for the canadian title, while ella and dotty will compete for the americans. It will be a fierce competition on the docks at shuswap. So many flits and flirts and spins on the wet wood. Dazzling dismounts and exquisite entries into the ice cold water. Who will win the gold medal? I love water ballet. The perfect blend of art and sport.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dotty is a Teapot

Short and stout.

So despite my attempts to be anti-denim in the first year, I have to admit they are a great costume for photo shoots like this one:

title: cowboy cousins
models: dotty and oliver
photographer: mere lesueur
dotty styled by mere lesueur
oliver styled by nicole lesueur

This is an outfit that my sister-in-law Karen sent awhile ago and since the size is 6-12 months, it is no surprise my daughter's 4 month legs are nowhere near long enough. What you can't see in this picture is that the pants are both unbuttoned and unzipped. Looking at these jeans I thought Old Navy made a huge mistake since no baby could be that long limbed while being so slender. However, both Oliver and William have beautiful skinny legs and slender torsos. Changing Oliver's diaper once I was shocked to see that his size 3 diapers were fastened with the tabs touching each other. Dotty's size 3 diapers have to be loose or else she screams with discomfort.{sidenote* check out dotty's pics to see more of the photo shoot including farm props from grandma paula's decor.}
Anyway I decided to look for a more appropriate pair of jeans for my round little dot and I jokingly said that I would have to buy a pair of 18 month shorts. Well as it happened I found a perfect pair at target {oops} and they are in fact knee shorts sized 18 months.

:(poor little teapot.{sniff}

To make her feel better about her body image we bought her a jumper. We were going to buy the kind that goes in the doorway, but since we had money on a gift card we went all out. Dotty loves the rainforest. Can't you tell? This face is saying "why would you even think of cutting this down!"

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

bella ballerina

I can't wait to put Dotty in ballet. In the meantime I'm left with enjoying this yummy picture of my niece ella at her first recital. I wish I could have been there to see the magical performance. I would yell "brava brava" with all my gusto and leap to my feet throwing roses on the stage. You are a most beautiful ballerina bella boo.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Three years ago today

I can see the vignette now. A curly haired, doll faced girl jumps into bed. The little girl and the mother have just finished some twilight twirling to a favorite song. The girl is wearing a darling nightgown, probably in a shade of brown. Her smile shines but her eyes show signs of dimming. She yawns, “tell me a story.” And so the mother tells the story that she tells to herself before bed. A romantic lovi dove of a story that would soothe any broken heart.
Once upon a time there was a little girl who looked a lot like you but without your curly hair or big eyes. She looked and looked for a best friend, but for some reason a best friend was hard to find. This little girl had many friends but preferred to spend her time twirling in the forest behind her house. She would pretend she was a poor village girl, or a travelling student or a refugee in a war torn land. Since she always had plenty of pretend people to share her ideas with, she never felt lonely when she was playing alone in her forest.

But then the girl grew older. It wasn’t quite right for older girls to twirl and talk to themselves in a green lush forest so instead she kept her dreams to herself while riding the bus to school. All of a sudden with all her dreams stuck in her head, she started to feel very lonely without anyone to share them with. She never got tired of any of her thoughtful dreams so instead of replacing them, she would just add new ones, like building blocks used to form a wall. It wasn’t all that great to have a winding wall wrapping around in her head, but she didn’t know what to do with all the blocks that had formed from all her great dreams. All she could think was that someday she would find someone else who she could share them with.

Now let’s skip ahead a few years. The girl has gone away. She now lives far far away from her forest. Finally she meets that someone who seems like he has something secret and special in his head too. They start to talk and soon the stones melt and just come seeping out in her words. Now with all their ideas out in the open they are surrounded and neither of them feel lonely ever again.