Wednesday, March 21, 2007

clothes horse

Last night, in preparation for our move to Utah, I vaccum packed all my skinny clothes for easier storage. (sidenote* those space bags infomercials you keep seeing aren't lying). Moving the clothes from their tub to the protective plastic bags gave me an opportunity to say goodbye to each beautiful piece until god willing we meet again in front of my favorite mirror.
I recently posted on Greg's magazine post about my own love of magazines. The great thing about so many magazines is that it combines my two great loves. words and clothes. I really love clothes. They are so pretty and can change the way you are feeling at any time of the day. My mom calls it dress up, but I call it architecture. The merging of form and function.

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Gregory said...

nice work with the internal links. you are FANCY. and you are clearly promoting us. it's like when cool superheroes show up in struggling superheroes' comic books. don't do it too much or your cred suffers, but, i think you walked that line just fine.