Sunday, August 26, 2007


We took dotty on two little trips this summer. The first was a Hutchings family reunion in Yellowstone. You can read full details on nicole's blog and full on details on brady's
But all you really need to know was there was a sweet dance party at geyser #4.
Dotty totally rocked out.

Next we went to Canada to my family's cabin in beautiful British Columbia. Dotty loved hanging out with her girl cousins. She just loved looking at them and being part of the fun. And she looked pretty sweet in her life jacket.

more pics of both trips are posted here.


stephen & lauren reber said...

she is beautiful. My goodness, she looks so adorable in the life jacket.

Braden said...

I love how you, bryan, and casey are all rocking out in the picture....and dotty is licking her carrier thing......