Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year: New Tricks

So now that Dotty is one, she has grown into quite an interesting little girl. Her number one game to play is peek a boo, she puts her whole heart into it.

her words:
uh oh
goggle {bottle}
hu oh {hello}
baa {ball}
po {pengy}
I think she's saying muma now in reference to me but who can really tell.

She also climbs up and down stairs. She stands up with the furniture and will sometimes take a few steps down the couch but other than that is nowhere near walking. She doesn't see the point. She is crawling really fast and loves being chased by her dad who is so good at growling. She still loves singing and is also learning the piano.

Thanks to the birthday fairies at Target.com. We miss you all.


Nicole said...

She is so cute and far surpasses Oliver in the "trick" department! That piano is so beautiful and I am forseeing some amazing photo shoots with it.

sarah said...

She is far too perfect and those pictures are amazing they really capture Dotty putting all of her heart into it.

Braden said...

She better love that penguin for years to come. I think I won that at one of those family fun centers so I put some good tickets and money into it...........


mere said...

we will never let her forget that her precious pengy came from her uncle Brady who loves her very much even though he is in S. Africa and nowhere near real pengies

stephen & lauren reber said...

I love watching all those milestones happen. Sometimes you look and poof, something new is happening. I LOVE IT! And her Christmas pictures are priceless :) What a ham!