Tuesday, February 12, 2008

dot tricks

Dot is starting to like walking around holding just one hand. As soon as you let go, she'll just sit down-but some day she will get it.

Dot loves to hear people sing (especially Alicia Keys, Mummy, the teletubbies and the kids in primary) and sometimes she sings along. Uncle Sam will be happy with this song we've started singing together. That sounds like America will like the song, but dot actually has an uncle sam and he's an opera singer.


m. said...

she's so mild mannered & sweet!

Dawn said...

I took a class once at U of C and the professor had done a bunch of research on babies and singing and she showed how they'd repeat rhythms (and do it quite in tune) and sometimes resolve and even harmonize. It was really cool. Dotty would be a great person for a study like that! She's got the beat! :0)