Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jet Set again

Cory and I are off to California for the weekend to shoot some footage for 3form. Did I ever show you the awesome path to zero video Cory made for my company? Well we are doing another one, only on design. We'll be staying at the Montes-Reinhart home and are super excited to see them! Only I know they aren't that excited to see us since Dotty won't be there.

Aren't they a cute couple? They are hella smart too- one is a rocket scientist and one is a master student in public policy.
Then we'll be in Seattle for a couple of days eating all the fresh salmon we can handle! Pictures when we return.


(julie) said...

When are you coming to Seattle??? Call me! I can't wait.

Gilly said...

So exciting you are jet setting again. Can't wait to have you jet set up here.

mere said...

julie! I can't wait to see you. Do you still have your philly number?

sarah said...

Thanks Mere we had so much fun with you guys. Our apartment felt so lonely when you two left. We can't wait to visit Utah so we can finally see Dotty again.