Thursday, February 19, 2009

Music Rehearsal

Dotty pretty much insists on music time every night. I think we are gearing up for a recital. This was last night's session. Tonight's session involved a skirt, heeled shoes and a lot of interpretive dance. These videos show last night's first run. Some of the lyrics are a little rusty. Bear with us.



Snyder Family said...

She is seriously so cute!! I love watching the videos of her.

sarah said...

She is a twinkle twinkle pro! I can't wait to see the final show. In the last few days I've spent time with 3 girls the same age as Dotty, and one is violent and bites people, the other can't talk (at all), and the third one is sweet but there's no comparison. Dotty is genius.

Gilly said...

Twinkle Twinkle little Dot! She is a star in the making. I also loved row your boart because she sounded like she was saying " Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary!

mere said...

Thanks Gill-
I kind of thought it sounded like she was saying "marry me, marry me, marry me". She's very progressive.

Esther Alene said...

i just adore her and and the posts. the videos keep us up with her life . thanks so much.
love mom