Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dotty update - For Greg

Dotty comes and greets us in the morning. We cuddle. We snuggle. And sometimes we take pictures.

I think these are pretty cute. The second one reminds me of this girl Hopefully Dotty will be just as cool.


Gilly said...

I like the "pity smile" Dotty gave you int he first shot. Cute.

Gregory said...

thank you for the credit. But you could kind of put that at the end of any post and it would be true. or any sentence for that matter:
I have to find my keys...for greg.
I think i might have low blood sugar...for greg
my nieces have lice...for greg

CUTRER said...

Dotty is such a cute girl! I was so impressed on her counting with us on saturday to place of the veggies in the boxes. How fun they are at this age enjoy every moments of it.