Sunday, May 2, 2010

We're Back

We made it back home after a great weekend away. We realized we had never taken a trip like this, just for fun, just by ourselves. I tried to take pictures, but Cory wasn't very cooperative. He said "you aren't supposed to steal things from Vegas" - he didn't buy the rights to the real slogan.
Here are the highlights:
1. This guy opening for Conan and Cory turning to me and saying "he stole my bit" right when I was thinking, he stole Cory's bit.
3. Loving Conan and thinking "this is what people feel like when they get to see their favorite band"
3. Almost getting a picture of a billboard that said "Punch your Way to $5,000". Only funny if you've heard Cory's bit.


Brit said...

Super jealous you got to see Conan.

Gregory said...

What is Cory's bit? The you can't steal stuff from Vegas line? Details. I want to be able to smile politely and think, had to be there. And I'm sure everyone else does too.

mere said...

Cory always says "punch your way to the top" and haven't you taken his quiz?