Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Portraits

So you've probably already seen them all, but we just got our family portraits back and I'm so happy! I was pretty obsessed with our outfits for a long time, since we want a large colorful print in our Kitchen. We'll probably order the one above. I like the composition and the relaxed feeling, almost similar to this one I couldn't stop thinking about.

There are so many wonderful shots to choose from, its going to be really tough. If you are a big Dotty fan, all print orders are for a good cause! But seriously, there a couple beautiful shots of the Wasatch Mountains if you like Utah and hate cancer.

Take a look at the entire shoot


Mickie and Matt said...

Darling pictures... I LOVE the natural feel! Your kids are ADORABLE too.

Brit said...

Love them all. Good work being a beautiful family!

Sarah said...

You and Cory look really good together and you guys make the cutest babies. Love the photos.