Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Cory's birthday today. Sadly, the awesome picture I got him hasn't arrived yet. I guess the celebrations will just have to last until Monday. That's okay, we have a lot planned.

1. Dinner and a movie tonight (thanks Grandma Donnay for taking the kids)
2. Dotty wants to make a Mario Cake for him.
3. Fixing the garbage disposal
4. Working
5. Convincing him that his recurrent (and current) walking pneumonia is probably caused by a milk allergy (despite the fact that he doesn't drink that much milk...)

Anyway I love this guy so much. And to that he'd probably say "shut up"
and my heart skips a beat.


Brit said...

Happy Cory Day!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Cory! The Mario cake sounds awesome.