Thursday, February 17, 2011

Townes has one word

He says on his own. It's roar. And he only says it when he reads this book.
$500 to the person who can guess what game Dot and Cory are playing in the background.

YouTube Video

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Gregory said...

uhh...this is coughing. Not roaring. I'm just saying.

Sarah said...

It does sound like Townes is chocking but it's super cute, and he looks adorable reading all by himself in that chair.

-I hope Dotty is not making Cory play the princess game we got her.

mere said...

Sarah! I forgot to tell you, Dot beat the princess game you got her and although Cory was adamantly opposed to that game from the beginning I could tell he was really proud of her. She still plays it, she uses the girl in the game like a doll and makes her say things and basically plays make believe. She LOVES it!

Anonymous said...

Le garcon lit.