Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Lexicon

Things dotty said (just today) that I never would have said as a four year old.
1. I know, maybe the Internet is broken
2. We have to wait for it to load Townes.
3. We'll use the recipe on my phone AND the recipe on your phone.
4. Now that I downloaded the donut game, you can delete it off your phone.
5. I'm going to write an email and see if that will fix it.

Our wii is broken (we think a certain turtle-pup stuffed something in it) and so poor Dot has been left with just her iPod, cory's iPad and her computer all morning. and the mustache app on my phone.
Still with tears coming to her eyes she said, "I just miss my princess game so much"
Poor little

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Brit said...

Amazing! And how come I didn't know about the mustache app? Maybe I can get Grant to stop growing real ones now.

Sarah said...

I'm glad she likes her princess game, I hope it doesn't drive you crazy. I need to get my dotty fix soon. We are heading to Utah in May for Rachel's med school graduation, I'll be 8 months pregnant and probably huge but the best part is that I'll get to see you guys. Shh... Don't tell the Reinharts.

em said...

great last line, Meri! ;)

Seth & Mikell Osburn said...

Oh no! Tell her my wii is working just fine and I will make her some eggs if she comes over to play :)

Cammie said...

I keep laughing. I love Dotty.