Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Three years ago today

I can see the vignette now. A curly haired, doll faced girl jumps into bed. The little girl and the mother have just finished some twilight twirling to a favorite song. The girl is wearing a darling nightgown, probably in a shade of brown. Her smile shines but her eyes show signs of dimming. She yawns, “tell me a story.” And so the mother tells the story that she tells to herself before bed. A romantic lovi dove of a story that would soothe any broken heart.
Once upon a time there was a little girl who looked a lot like you but without your curly hair or big eyes. She looked and looked for a best friend, but for some reason a best friend was hard to find. This little girl had many friends but preferred to spend her time twirling in the forest behind her house. She would pretend she was a poor village girl, or a travelling student or a refugee in a war torn land. Since she always had plenty of pretend people to share her ideas with, she never felt lonely when she was playing alone in her forest.

But then the girl grew older. It wasn’t quite right for older girls to twirl and talk to themselves in a green lush forest so instead she kept her dreams to herself while riding the bus to school. All of a sudden with all her dreams stuck in her head, she started to feel very lonely without anyone to share them with. She never got tired of any of her thoughtful dreams so instead of replacing them, she would just add new ones, like building blocks used to form a wall. It wasn’t all that great to have a winding wall wrapping around in her head, but she didn’t know what to do with all the blocks that had formed from all her great dreams. All she could think was that someday she would find someone else who she could share them with.

Now let’s skip ahead a few years. The girl has gone away. She now lives far far away from her forest. Finally she meets that someone who seems like he has something secret and special in his head too. They start to talk and soon the stones melt and just come seeping out in her words. Now with all their ideas out in the open they are surrounded and neither of them feel lonely ever again.


stephen & lauren reber said...

I just love your pics. They're gorgeous!
Congrats on the celebration.

erin wright said...

happy anniversary mary and cory!!! i can't believe it's been that long!