Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dotty is a Teapot

Short and stout.

So despite my attempts to be anti-denim in the first year, I have to admit they are a great costume for photo shoots like this one:

title: cowboy cousins
models: dotty and oliver
photographer: mere lesueur
dotty styled by mere lesueur
oliver styled by nicole lesueur

This is an outfit that my sister-in-law Karen sent awhile ago and since the size is 6-12 months, it is no surprise my daughter's 4 month legs are nowhere near long enough. What you can't see in this picture is that the pants are both unbuttoned and unzipped. Looking at these jeans I thought Old Navy made a huge mistake since no baby could be that long limbed while being so slender. However, both Oliver and William have beautiful skinny legs and slender torsos. Changing Oliver's diaper once I was shocked to see that his size 3 diapers were fastened with the tabs touching each other. Dotty's size 3 diapers have to be loose or else she screams with discomfort.{sidenote* check out dotty's pics to see more of the photo shoot including farm props from grandma paula's decor.}
Anyway I decided to look for a more appropriate pair of jeans for my round little dot and I jokingly said that I would have to buy a pair of 18 month shorts. Well as it happened I found a perfect pair at target {oops} and they are in fact knee shorts sized 18 months.

:(poor little teapot.{sniff}

To make her feel better about her body image we bought her a jumper. We were going to buy the kind that goes in the doorway, but since we had money on a gift card we went all out. Dotty loves the rainforest. Can't you tell? This face is saying "why would you even think of cutting this down!"


kelli said...

I like Dotty. Bigger babies are the best! I have one too.

m. said...

flynn's belly was huge too. he weighed 20 lbs at 6 months! it pays off in the end though when they do slim down & can wear all the bigger clothes you bought :). does dotty have red hair? we've got to meet her..

mere said...

her hair does look red in all those pictures. it isn't. it is dark brown but getting lighter as she looses it.

Esther Alene said...

I LOVE the photoshoot! I just got back to weightwatchers and long for the days when rolypoly was cute and appropriate. Great photography and such cute subjects!