Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A day in the Life

People always ask me what I do, or how my job is going, and I usually dodge the subject because
a)I hate talking about things that are important and dear to me,
b) I feel uncomfortable loving my job so much when I have the loves of my life at home
c)my job is really hard to explain.

Its impossible to record an average day since no day is ever the same and I am constantly performing different tasks, so i thought I'd break it down in terms of what I do within our department.

Right now we are getting ready for three big tradeshows tailored to the Architecture and Design community and this year we happen to be launching 37 new products.
All of this means:

1. We need brochures that show all this new product
- I help out with photography for these brochures by buying props, returning them, doing the grunt work like moving them on set etc. Sometimes, as you've seen- I get to be in them.
- I help write the copy for the brochures, describing the product and trying desperately to describe what we do.
- I help come up with names for the products- Some of my names this year are Tea Party, Spring Fever, and Lattice.

2. We need a tradeshow booth to put this stuff in
- I coordinate meetings for everyone to talk and design the booth- this sometimes means getting lunch
- my job is to coordinate the details of the construction, that means I order product in manufacturing and bring it down to the guy who is building our booth out of powder-coated steele.
- I need to buy monitors to put in the booth to show films of our product in the photoraphy set form.

3. We need tradeshows to show off all this hard work.
- this means I coordinate all the details with the actual tradeshows, travel, hotels, paying for booth space and all the odds and ends.
- I will also go to two of the three tradeshows- thanksfully I'm going to new york and Chicago and NOT Las Vegas. I hate Vegas.

And in the midst of this we are launching a new website that needs photography and copy, we constantly get donation requests or "unique marketing opportunities" that I have to evaluate and {usually} deny and there is always ads due that I need to get extensions for and giveaways to coordinate.

I hope that kind of makes sense. Its a lot of fun, Its a lot of doing lots of things at a time,which I love. But by the time I get home I just want to play with Dot in her corner.

here's that Spring Fever I was telling you about. The chair in the final shot is held up by my shoe.
ps. i'm not pregnant. Just poor posture and an unfortunate top.


alysha said...

sounds like a very fulfilling job. something I dream of having in addition to the dream job I already have.
and love the saarinen chair!

mere said...

if it could only be three days a week...that would be sooo ideal.

Stephen & Lauren Reber said...

Thank you. I think I needed that break-down and now I can totally picture you in your workspace--which I can tell you totally rock at!