Thursday, April 24, 2008


This post is really late, but I'm finally posting on Cory's computer where all the good photos are stored.
Dotty really loved easter. We were lucky to have my parents and sister Anne with us, down from Canada for the whole week. We ate at IHOP, shopped at Target, and walked the Gateway- pretty lame hosting on my part, but in my defense the Canadian dollar was doing really well that week.
D+P invited everyone over for easter sunday. There was an egg hunt which resulted in $15 for dot {which I'm still waiting to deposit into an account for its written in time and so I must not forget}. We ate good food and then played basketball till the wee hours. And I beat Anne's team! booyah.

Here are some pictures Cory took. He's loving his new lenses. PS. Thanks Grandma Hudson for all the gifs, especially this beautiful Easter dress!

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