Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day...For you Mom

For mother's day I treated myself to some eyelash extensions. Michelle knows this lady who does them in her house for cheap and I've been super curious. After two days of my makeup just dripping off, my lazy self decided it was no longer worth it to put on eye makeup.
So woila

Now I don't have to brush my hair, or bother with mascara. And that is really a gift for my mother who was always telling me to brush my hair and put on more mascara. So Happy mother's day. My other gift is really more from Dot anyway.

My other favorites from this past mother's day weekend?
1. getting measuring cups in sacrament meeting instead of a flower or a cookie...what?
2. making the same joke as my brother when I heard what my dad got my mom for mother's day (it was an antique mirror, and we both made a witty quip about the gift of the magi...really?)
4. getting a sweet card from Cory's mom, that really was special.
5. taking this picture of dotty

She's relaxing watching sesame street. Oh sunny days...


sarah said...

are you serious about the measuring cups? that made my inner feminist cringe!

in the kitchen of our church building, there is a huge sign that says "a woman's work is never done," and it has a huge pile of laundry on it. got to love mormon culture.

mere said...

I know right?
Yup. measuring cups, with a quote that says "a mother's love is immeasurable"

stephen & lauren reber said...

My inner feminist wanted to gag too...and then I remembered that I've lost (or maybe Ella borrowed and lost) most of my measuring cups and it's actually on my list of things I would like to buy, but never remember when I'm at the store. It's hard when your educated feminist self is at war with your practical mom side...sigh.

Happy Mother's Day to you! I hope Cory gave you something better than a cutting board!

alysha said...

they look so good!! you've convinced me.
and you forgot about Luke & Dot's date.