Wednesday, May 28, 2008

San Fran #1

On day one we walked around Berkeley. Dotty got a feeling for the campus life. We didn't get far though because Dot got distracted by this fountain. She really wanted to get in, and since it wasn't a very hot day we told her it was a bad idea.

She wouldn't back down, and so we had to hide in the bookstore and distract her with a new book. We found this gem, and signed by the author! Dotty made us read it five times in the store.


Marielle said...

Thanks for finding my blog! I'll put you on my friends list so it will be easier to blog stalk you. Good to see you guys!

Erin | Adam said...

Hello! Yeah for blog finding!

Lucesita! said...

OMG! Dotty is really beautiful. I fall in love with her. It's adorable! I just wanna say that. She is precious! =) Bye =)