Friday, June 20, 2008

The Burbs

So since we live so far from Salt Lake City- and since gas is now $4.00 a gallon- I've decided to do my part and try taking the bus to work.
I take the 347 Fast Bus from Herriman to Salt Lake and make one transfer in downtown SLC.
Its a good thing I'm on the carpooling green team at work so I can count the two hours I spend figuring out my best route as "research". I had so many options to choose from but in the end I chose the only route that allowed me to only transfer once and didn't require me to drive really at all. It actually inspired me to help other people figure out their best route to work. We brainstormed a "3form bus day" where every employee takes the bus and we take pictures of the empty parking lot. That would be cool.
Here is what I brought to read on the hour long bus ride...

Yup- that's 8 pages of maps and schedules in my lap. I told you it was complicated. Actually this picture was taken before I was too carsick to read. I actually ended up waiting it out on the fast bus and then reading my newsweek after I transferred. LOVE that now I have time to read it! It just started coming in the mail randomly!
Here's to high gas prices!

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Abbynormal said...

You are amazing for riding the bus. I am a wuss and pretty much refuse. My mom has been doing it for probably about 14 years at least!

PS.. I am Tyler's wife (Dean and Debbie Hutchings' son)