Friday, June 27, 2008


I've been so obsessed with Google Readerthat I haven't even needed to visit my blog to check out my friend's goings ons...
So I didn't realize how boring my blog was getting. Here are a few things that have happened around the Dot LeSueur household the past couple of weeks.
1. I had a birthday and it was great
2. Cory threw me a birthday bbq
3. I got him a bbq for father's day so he could do it.
4. I had a great time with everyone who came all the way out to Herriman to celebrate. Thanks Alysha, Danny, michelle, Nicole and Dusten, Darin and Suzy and especially Cory's mom for all her help!
6. I took the bus one more time.
5. Cory hooked up with a design partner who has been giving him tons of projects to work on at home
6. Cory bought a new laptop to help him get all the stuff done.
7. Dotty learned how to take pictures all by herself. Here is the proof.

I helped a little bit. But she pressed the button. I also took some pictures of her, but as you can see- she has a little bit of a delayed response with the smiles. She always smiles really cute after the flash. We'll have to work on that.

Although, maybe its kind of cute this way- she just looks really content.


Cammie said...

Love the pics! You and Dotty are so cute and Dotty's hair is just precious!

m. said...

i love that last pic of dot. she looks a lot like you. so sorry we missed your party! it was my sisters last day before moving back to texas with her husband. hope you had a happy birthday!