Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sly little Slider

Last Sunday we celebrated all the August/September birthdays with Cory's mom and siblings. We had amazing bbq steak tacos (with delicious black beans and salsa made by Cory) and there was an awesome park for the kids to play at. Dotty even said "Oyee" for the first time. That of course means Ollie.
Dotty especially liked climbing all the way up to slide by herself and she felt pretty awesome about it as demonstrated by this great pic "mahma" donnay captured.

I love it! Thanks Donnay.


Cammie said...

That photo is awesome--so darling!

Gilly said...

Eve discovered twirly slides the other day. I wish the girls could play together. That picture is super cute!

sarah said...

she has a mischievous look in her face. Cute picture.

Abbynormal said...

Hey yo, way good to see you on Saturday for G-ma day. Yeah this picture of Dot is adorable. She looks so mischievous.

Can't wait to see the footage you nabbed from the day.