Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tee Time

3form had a Golf Tournament a couple of weeks ago and though I don't play- I attended to tak pictures. Dotty came for a bit and was dressed very gold appropriate. I love what she is saying in each picture.

"Mom, don't cramp my style"

"Let's hit the Green"

"Golf is a lot like life..."

She is definately a little performer.We caught her singing and playing her piano (or miamo as she calls it) the other day and got it on tape. After watching the footage a couple of times she apparently memorized the performance. She recreated the same show at the piano the next day. Looking up to a non-existent cory and laughing the same way, pretending to put her music rack back on just at the same time... It was SOOO funny. I'll have to catch that on tape too...


sarah said...

She is so pretty. We can't wait to see her, Ben was saying yesterday how he can't wait to see her "new baby tricks". I of course had to correct him, I said: Geez Ben she is not a baby any more. I proceeded by showing him your blog.

Gilly said...

I still love performing to an invisible audience - glad she is a kindred spirit!