Monday, September 21, 2009


I haven't really posted much about Townes because he doesn't really do much right now and I don't want to sound all TAMN when I describe how great he is. But for posterity, and so you guys out there get a little taste of townes here are some stats on him.
  • 1. At 2 months he was 12 lbs, - i forget the rest, but he was like 75% for weight and 30% for height (ohh short and fat) and 50% for head.

  • He coos and smiles and giggles and follows you when you come into the room

  • He is extremely patient for Dotty and loves it when she gushes over him "oh how you doin little buddy? do you want some milk

  • He has consistently slept threw the night since his second week of life, it was scary at first, but now of course I love it.

  • He is starting to find his thumb....

  • he's only peed during a diaper change once. I'm afraid now I'm going to jinkx it and now he'll pee on me all the time, but oh well.

  • if you don't give him the milk he wants, or if you do something he doesn't like, he SCREAMS right away, which is a good reminder that he does have feelings - because sometimes I start to wonder if he's a doormat.

  • he seems to like music as much as Dot and gets excited or happy especially when she is singing to him,

He is our little dream boy and we love him to pieces. He is so much stronger than Dot but that isn't saying much. We can't wait to see who he grows up to be. He's our little man.

Dot fell asleep watching videos on my nap


Sarah said...

Thanks for the Townes update. I love his chubbiness and I can't wait to hold him. You didn't sound "TAMN" at all. Is that blog for reals? I'm embarrassed just reading it.

thechoulespauls said...

sleeps through the night- lucky! we are up to 7 hours. so that's not too bad...

let's hang again soon with the ladies.

Anonymous said...

OMG! He is perfect!

But really, I wish him and Dot could come to work everyday!

Gilly said...

OK what does TAMN stand for? Not hip enough to know. I'm so glad Townes is still an angel and wouldn't mind him teaching eve how to sleep through the night. I laughed at the doormat part. Sucha cutepicture of the family nap.

mere said...

gill - follow the link on TAMN you will love it.

Gregory said...

Klingon babies aren't usually known for their relaxed, easy going nature. You're truly lucky.