Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mom and Dot weekend

Last weekend Cory shot a wedding in Seattle and so I was home alone with the kids. We had a fun time.
Dotty drew a lot of "eggs" - why she draws eggs I don't know....

notice Townes working on his tummy time

Dot got some nap time in with her "horsey goggle" which was eliminated as soon as Daddy came home. But I'm glad I got in this one picture. Thanks Sarra for the cute cute bottle. Townes will love it.

And then we decided to go to a restaurant for dinner - kind of like a girls night, but with Townes tagging along. Dotty was super fun to hang out with.

notice Dot's lovely make-up on her cheek. It is not a bruise.

Dot peppering her meatballs - and a great shot of her self-made sleeve tattoo.

Townes was pretty fun to hang out with too...


Dawn said...

That's funny that Dot draws eggs. For years Peirce drew ants in an ant hill. There was always an amazing system of tunnels with ants walking through them. :0)

Gilly said...

I wish we could hang out with Dot and Townes and you as well. We miss you!

Sarah said...

Towns has the most prefect little face, I think he gets it from you.