Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Year

this is my goal

So 3form is having its second weight loss competition. $100 is at stake. This works out nicely since my friend Alysha has asked me to join Weight Watchers with her. Even though it makes me uncomfortable - I'm going to do it! Every saturday talk about my struggles, it sounds horrible. But something scary to be accountable to may be just what I need. Goodbye extra 30lbs. Here are the steps to achieving my goal- in writing

1. Pilates conditioning class tuesdays and thursdays evening
2. running 30 minutes monday, tuesday and wednesday
3. eat according to weight watchers and report every saturday morning.
4. cut down on sugar.- no sweets at work
5. one active family activity a week - skating, bike ride, hike etc.

Can I do it?


Sarah said...

Oh yes you can! it sounds like a lot of work but being healthier and feeling better is worth it. Good luck!

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Dang girl, your legs are SUPER sexy!! Why do you need to lose weight? I do understand the struggle, I'm going through it right now.
Good lucK!!

Gilly said...

Go for it - though I am too cheap for weight watchers. I just found about a TOPS group - take pounds off safely - meetings pretty close to me, and it is a non profit group so it is only $2.50 a week. Weight watchers here is 15 dollars a week - which is what I will end up doing if this doesn't work out. Wednesday mornings will be weigh ins - someone to keep me accountable. I love the active family activity idea. So great.

mere said...

Oh Shalie, if only that is how I looked. that picture is my inspiration it was taken 2 years ago!
Gill - $2.50 a week? that is awesome! WW is $10 here, so a little better, but I think I will only need it for a couple of months to get me started.Keep me posted!

Seth & Mikell Osburn said...

I vote for no more costco chocolate bags!! Those are the Devil.

elsa bags said...

blame it on the holidays!

cutting out sweets & non- diet soda is finally helping me! baby steps that's all i can say