Thursday, January 21, 2010

Townes, Dot, and the Pens

So Townes can sit up.
Dotty is doing well and so are her friends. She turns everything EVERYTHING into a friend. Last night she put the pens in a plastic bag so they could "fly". We started singing "Tomorrow" from Annie (her favorite) and she immediately stopped and said her friends (the pens) wanted to sing too. She proceeded to sing along all the while changing her voice at each phrase to represent a different pen. One was really high and squeaky, one was very is a video that kind of shows it. But I wish I had that song on video...

We have a goal with Dot that if she goes number 2 in the potty for a whole week, she can get a Barbie. She was really excited at first, but of course it isn't working because who needs a barbie when you have a whole bunch of pen friends?

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