Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Standing

So as many of you know, we evacuated our home Sunday night because of a wildfire in Herriman. Pretty scary. But everything is okay, we are back at home and unpacking all the things that we wanted to save. Do you know what you would grab? It is such a weird thing to decide what will make up your new life if you need to start over. This is what we took.
1. clothes for three days (after we got everything else we went back and added more clothes including sunday clothes)
2. Cory's computer
3. Cory's camera's and all equipment
4. Cory's business cards - seems silly, but they were a lot of money and part of his business
5. Pictures off the walls, family portrait, family tree, temple graphic
6. Dotty and Townes' homemade quilts, our wedding quilt
7. box of wedding photos
8. important files (insurance, title to our home, title to cars etc)
9. passports etc
10. wedding dress
11. Other random things to last through evacuation, you know like diapers, rice milk, toiletries

I went through waves of feeling like everything would be okay to really thinking that we would wake up homeless. It was just so windy and those flames were just so big! I'm sorry if you got a text from me in the middle of night asking for prayers - I just knew they were going to be helpful. So thank you.
This is an illustration of how close things were to our house.

A really big THANK YOU! to the firefighters, police and volunteers who worked tirelessly to save our community. You can see from these pictures how close things got to some homes.


Cammie said...

I'm so glad you guys are safe! It was such a relief to talk to you on Monday and know you were OK. xo

Anonymous said...

So crazy! I'm glad eveything is fine! Did your house smell like smoke?

Karlee Turner said...

We are all so lucky! Ps. I love your map with the scorchy zone :)