Thursday, September 2, 2010

The World's Strictest Parents

I just finished watching an episode of a BBC show "The World's Strictest Parents" that I found via fmh
This particular episode features kids in a Tooele, UT home.

It is a beautiful example of how just love and respect can change behavior. Also, hopefully they are only singing the national anthem because it is memorial day?

Please enjoy


Nicholeen Peck said...

Dotty Dot

I happened upon your blog and can't resist commenting. I am the Tooele mom from the World's Strictest Parents, Nicholeen Peck. I really appreciate your kind comments. I wish the viewers could have seen the other 179 hours of footage. They had to cut so many wonderful moments out. It was so beautiful when James asked us to teach him to pray and when Hannah decided that she didn't want her little girl to turn out like she did, etc.

About the National Anthem thing: It was Labor Day when they came, that is true, but we are a homeschool family. They asked to film one of our regular days. No matter how strange people may think it is, just like regular schools, we say pledge and sing every day. It's part of our family culture. They said they wanted us to be authentic, so we just lived life as normal. As part of our daily family devotional we honor our country and the great principles it was founded upon. That's probably not regular family life for most, but it is for us. Each day a new person is in charge of the devotional, and that person gets to pick the patriotic song. We know many of them. That day the anthem was chosen, and it is probably a good thing, because Grand Ole Flag probably would have looked really weird.

If anyone is interested in seeing the show they can find all the segments here

We didn't want to do the show and almost told them no, but in the end we had a strong feeling we should do it, and it has been a good thing we did. Many people around the world have been inspired by it and chosen to make improvements in their families because of it. The point was to help strengthen families, and that happened, so any other detail about the show doesn't really matter I guess.

Thanks again for the positive review! Nicholeen Peck

mere said...

Nicholeen! I'm so honored and amazed and I love the internet! I have to take this opportunity to tell you the specific things I loved about the show. First how incredibly brave to open your family up to that kind of risk, but how powerful an experience it must have been for them.
1. The moment at the BBQ where your husband asked James for advice on dealing with Hannah.
2. How it showed you two calmly supporting each other in decisions.
3. The boldness of your sister when talking with both Hannah and James

There were so many more moments of sincerity and real respect, it was how reality TV should be, more reality, less drama.

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting this Mere, I saw it posted over at FMH but was too lazy to view it. But since YOU posted it Ben and I saw the whole thing. Pretty neat.