Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I just finished reading Tina Fey's book, "Bossypants" and I thought it was amazing. AMAZING. I read it all in one night. So funny and even a little poignant at times, or was that just because it was 2am? oh well. Also, things I learned Tina and I have in common:

1. Stressed-induced chin acne.
2. Hideous childhood haircuts (sorry mom, it's true)
3. An early sense of acceptance through small-town community theatre.

There were also things that gave me absolute joy and hope for the world:

1. That a self-admitted shy person with little to no salesmanship could pitch a tv show and just generally have success in life.
2. That someone can write a book with a dangling modifier and get away with it these days - grammar nazis be damned. (For the recond I only found one, but I'm someone who takes joy in grammar mistakes and so obviously I'm not that great at spotting them)
3. That there is a book that compares the creepiness of putting in a contact lens with the creepiness of looking for a lost tampon string.

Tina Fey I absolutely adore you.

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Gilly said...

I am anxiously waiting for mine in the mail. I only accidently ordered it. I wanted to get Cinderella ate my daughter and bossypants and was wondering how much they were on amazon and how long they would take to get here with free shipping - amazon must have changed their system because before I knew it they were bought -- Icould have cancelled them, but it is fun to wait in the mail. They have already shipped so then it is up to canada post. It will be fun to get a package full of Mary recommended reading.