Saturday, April 30, 2011


We had a talk on fhe Easter Sunday. What gives?

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Gilly said...

You should definately move. We had an Easter program. The choir sang twice. Eve followed me up each time. The primary sang. In my nervousness for conducting I forgot it was Eve's first time singing in Church. She didn't come up at first. Then when I came an got her she did fine in the first verse. Her friend moved to stand beside her in the second verse. Eve didn't like it - so she yelled "Mom, Mom, Mom" , louder and louder to try to get my attention, all the way through the second verse. Best Easter Hosanna ever!

Gregory said...

And then we wonder why people doubt whether Mormons are Christians. Hey, it's the BIGGEST Christian holiday of the year, what should we devote our worship service to? Probably hanging out with our families.