Monday, May 23, 2011

My little Feeler

So we were at the new mcdonald's play place with sone friends. And after awhile realized we didn't see Townes. Turns out he had started to leave and when I found him he signed "all done". Awesome! He had never signed that before (probably because when he's trying to get out of his high chair and i ask if he's all done he's thinking- why else would i be climbing out of the eating chair idiot mom).

That boy gets overwhelmed quickly when he's around a lot of people.
Also he kept eating fries off the floor- and wouldn't eat them off the table. Only off the floor. Double awesome.

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Gilly said...

Great post. I miss TOWNESY! Great that he is signing. I bet Dotty wasn't "all done" when Townes was. I went to the play place at McDonalds with Eve last week because I needed to read the book club book ( since I had picked it) and it was raining and she was not happy about being stuck at home. We stayed for like 2 hours. She can play at those places with kids she doesn't know for hours.

mere said...

ya, dot is never all done. But neither were we (we were with friends) Townes was actually good for another 30 minutes or so.