Monday, May 16, 2011

Old Future

OLD FUTURE from Cory LeSueur on Vimeo.

Cory is forming a new company with his partner Michael Potter. He has spent this past week putting their Reel together. I, obviously, think it is awesome and heart-pounding. Thanks to Tom Bean for the awesome logo.


Tucker said...

Cory 'n' Mere,

It's wonderful to see someone doing what they love to do. (And, in your case, what you're good at. After all, many people love to do things they're perfectly awful at, and, then, it's just kinda pitiful to see, their earnestness and all.)

I'm sure you'll do splendid things. Although, in all fairness, I doubt you can ever top "Rumble in the Church," if only because it features my abs.

(Ha! Thinly-veiled-self-referential-ersatz-conceitedness! I rock!)

(And you do, too.)

Gilly said...

Great Video - Finally watched it. Eve's review: Not enough Dotty!

Sarra Eaton said...