Tuesday, February 6, 2007

factory girl vs. 7-11 boy

So I got my haircut today, because I just had a baby and that's the only thing about my body that I can change. I certainly can't do anything about these downgraded planets on my chest (they are roughly the size of pluto respectively). So I cut my hair. Now the whole idea for the haircut was to leave the front long so that eventually I might grow my hair out all one length (or that is the excuse I told Cory) but it also happens to look very edie sedgwick. Just in time for "Factory Girl".

The problem is in order to get the factory girl look, I need makeup and pomade and a cute outfit. In reality I just gave birth three weeks ago and truthfully cut my hair so I wouldn't have to look at a brush let alone use one. (why did I put that part about giving birth? I never want to brush my hair, and short hair looks better if you don't shower!) Well with no makeup or brushing or pomade or cute outfit -planets or ex-planets don't fit in cute outfits- I end up looking like a rough teenage boy from the late eighties/early nineties who you see at the 7-11 on your way home from school while waiting for your bus transfer. He's wearing tight light colored jeans, maybe they have a hole in the knee, maybe not. Pair those with a white t-shirt and a flannel shirt wrapped around his waist and there you have the intimidating adolescence for the sixth grader who is just trying to buy three chocolate bars for 99 cents. On the other hand, die that hair blond and it might just look like a brilliant artist who shares a birthday with Cory.
So Andy Warhol's muse or Andy Warhol himself. That is my new haircut.

In the spirit of Andy here are some other pictures I took while drafting this post.




erin said...

mary... i died over the 7-11 descriptions. too true. and i love the hair. my hair is freaking long right now and it is BUGGING me!! may soon follow your example.

gilly said...

The hair looks great. That one was too funny. We live right next to a junior high AND and 7/11, and your description is still relevent today. Alice wants to get her hair cut - in a cute bob, Jackie also wants her hair cut - So we may have a girls day at the salon soon.