Sunday, February 4, 2007

mama mi-xa-lot

There is a commercial that says something about the watch you wear says the most about who you are. I used to think this was crazy. Nothing as insignificant as a watch could say as much as a house, or a car. But then I got my mixer. It's orange, its big and it mixes things. I love it. I think about what I can mix in it at least twice a day. So far I've only made cookies, brownies, pizza dough and biscuits. But someday I'll be more ambitious. One day I plan to make homeade noodles when I get the noodle attachement. I will make my own sausages. I will make my own green salsa with the food processor. This isn't a mixer, this is a lifestyle. And in this life, baby's got bake.


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Melis said...

Your mixer is pretty, but what does it being orange say about you? Mine is red does that mean something? Dotty is cute, Amelia and Dotty should hang out some day.