Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dotty is a Fan

I always bring home a present for Dot (and something for Cory) whenever I go away on business- just like mom bringing me home a tropical shirt from Orlando...
This time I saw an elmo and a cookie monster shirt at a little shop between my hotel and the showroom. I finally bought them on my last day.
money well spent.
Dot has worn them both to bed twice and she wore Cookie to Beth's yesterday and Elmo today. She wore regular pajamas to bed last night and in the morning she said "mummy" and "daddy" and when I pointed at her and asked "who is this?" meaning Dot...she got upset when she realized Cookie wasn't there.
She is a serious fan.

Part of me is like...really? Am I really buying my kid some shirt with a character on it? And then I remember these are the guys that taught her how to count to urteen, so they're cool.


sarah said...

She can count? Pretty impressive. I can't wait to see her, hopefully soon. I'm in the middle of mid-terms which means a lot of time on my computer, procrastinating, and hoping to see new pictures of Dot.

m. said...

i can't believe how blonde her hair is!

Gilly said...

She can count to urteen? How many numbers does it take to get to urteen. Jackie can count to 100, since we taught her 1, 2, skip a few 99, 100. Incidently, she is traumatized by our neighbours loud golden retriever, who is named elmo. She prefers our other neighbours cat - because it is named Evie.

mere said...

she counts to 10 and then sometimes ads eleben twelb urteen urteen urteen

thechoulespauls said...

i'm thinking dotty may really like this little number


we should really hang- i haven't seen you in years!

mere said...

omigosh- we had that feist episode on our tivo for months! She LOVED it.
We should definitely hang out!Dotty needs more girlfriends.