Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy 5 Years

Today is our fifth anniversary. I have to say, after five years Cory is still my favorite person to be around. And that's good - because we have been blessed to spend a lot of time together over the years. We always seem to end up working together.
First there was tradeshows for DieCuts With a View our first year of marriage. We travelled all over the country selling scrapbook supplies at consumer tradeshows. It was a lot of fun.

Cory and I at a tradeshow - 2005

Then we moved to California and I started work for Nordstrom, and Cory ended up getting a job there as well. We could meet eachother for breakfast break and lunch. It was a lot of fun.

Not a picture of Nordstrom, but just us in California - 2006

Now I work at 3form and Cory makes our corporate videos. We spend a lot of time planning, shooting, travelling, and editing. He comes into the office with me and so we see a lot of each other.

Cory at 3form - my view of him from my desk - 2009

We even have our callings together. In our current ward we started out as sunbeam teachers together and now we are the first couple "Home Preparedeness Specialist" team in the stake. I think Heavenly Father knows that we work best as a team. I really don't know what I would do without him.

A video recipe we made for the preparedness fair


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!
I'm so happy I get to spend it with you guys!

Gilly said...

I loved this post. You guys are a great team. I loved the home preparedness video - reminded me of the pretend cooking shows we used to do - though I did want to see Cory or Dot enjoying the finished product!

mere said...

That would have been a great idea! Maybe when we adapt them for webisodes for a dollar a download...

Sarra Eaton said...

I'd pay a dollar...

That was a really sweet tribute. I liked that.

K, your hands when you were holding the colander by the sink were so familiar- its the way they were holding it. Also, do you really have food storage cans in your cupboard like that? Also, I like your apron.

mere said...

Sarra, we put the cans there for the shoot, and took the labels off for the look. I wish I was that well prepared, maybe one day.

sarah said...

You guys do make a great team, happy anniversary!