Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday/ Father's Day?

So my doctor asked me if I wanted to sign up for an elective induction a week before my due date. She won't be in town for my due date and also, why not?
I'm still debating, here are my pros and cons.

- no surprise, no wondering "am I in labor?" and that is huge because I do that every second of every day.
- no last week of tortuous heavy baby
- Kind of fun to share a birthday weekend with Townes. (but will he like that?)
- It is right after our last tradeshow at work so I would be free and clear of any responsibilities and Cory would have finished the Tradeshow Video he will be doing due June 15th.

- induction usually means harder labor and I was banking that this one would be fast and easy without epidural (saving me the $500 or so)
- A week early means going back to work a week early when we are supposed to be in Canada - technically I could take that week as a vacation, but...
- Will Cory be done the video by June 15th?
- I still won't really know what it is like to spontaneously go into labor, and I am a little curious...

So, what are your opinions! Help me figure it out!


Erika said...

I have no experience in this area, but I have to put in a vote for spontaneous natural labor!

The Lund Five said...

I am going to be induced but not until June 23rd (2 days before by due date). My doctor is going to be out of town the whole week before, which is a bummer. I was really hoping to have this one a week early. I guess the only hope I have now is if I go into labor on my own before he goes on vacation. I have had some braxton hicks that are painful. Oh well, here's hoping!!

sarah said...

If I was pregnant I would probably choose to have the baby as soon as I can. Especially if he is big, because if he is too big you might have to have a c-section. But what do I know? All the baby stuff I know I've learned from TLC.


Plus we are going to Utah on the weekend of the 20th and I selfishly want him to be born by then.

The Rissa and Alex Family said...

I have never been induced so I have no first hand advice. I do have a sister-in-law who has done it twice, but with and epidural each time. It's a huge toss up. If it were me I am not sure what I would choose. I think I would try to hold out if I could. Ya never know there might be a chance you will need to be induced anyway. Good luck on which ever you decide!

Grace said...

I would be scared of going into labor while my doctor as out of town. My vote is for whatever you want though. BTW I love your blog!

Gilly said...

Many comments, and I have numbered them for your reading pleasure
1.First, it is nice that your Dr. gave you the option.
2.I have always had an induction date and know first had the fear of induction. I also understand the "I can't have this baby until this work is done, as i worked right up to the end with Alice and Jackie. After that point I always did every - and I mean everything, to induce labour. For Alice - It worked and I had a spontaneous labour , which was 12 hours long and painful so I had an epidural around hour 6 and was glad I did. For Jackie - spontaneous labour, in the middle of the night, no epidural, fantastic labour - I loved it.
3.The second time your body totally knows what to do and it was a very powerful experience. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
4.For Eve I had a scheduled induction a week early, because I wanted to plan for my other kids,was not working and was sick of being pregnant and when it was happening I was like "What was I so scared of?" It pretty much felt the same as with Jackie, just not as exciting and felt a longer. because we got to the hospital at 7:00 am, they didn't break my water until 10:30 and didn't start me on the drip until after 12:00. She came at 3 I think? I was able to do it without an epidural.
5. For both Alice and Jackie I didn't have my Dr. ( though with Jackie, the Dr. ran in just after she was born). With Alice I had the attending physician ( who I didn't like that much). With Jackie I had a resident ( who was awesome).
6. The Dr. who delivered Alice, did a good job with the baby, and a bad job stitching me up - If you end up with a stand in Dr. make sure he is looking as he stitches your up. Or give that job to Cory - he has a vested interest in the result - though i pray you will not tear and I apologize to anyone who finds this comment to explicit - but I'm betting only you or other moms have enough interest in this long comment.
7. Dara had a scheduled induction for her forth baby a week early and it didn't work. Labour started, went for a while and then stopped and they could not get it going again and tried to send her home that night.
8.I would not get an unduction unless your cervex is favourable and your are already dialating.
9. Evie's birthday in June 25th and it is the best birthday ever - 6 months from Christmas.
10. Every baby has his or her own birth story, and however Townes makes it her will be great and we are praying for you both.
We are praying for you and excited!

mere said...

Thanks so much for all the advice. I figure our bodies are probably pretty similar it was SO helpful! I'll let you know what I decide.

elsa bags said...

ugh- a week early always sounds nice. i have a midwife so that's not really a choice for me.
i say if anythings going on down there go for it- if not it probably wouldn't be worth it!

chiara said...

for what it's worth - let your body do what it is going to do when IT is ready. inductions can lead to c-sections....i was induced with my first, labored for 27 hours and ended up in a c-section which I am still not sure how it happened. I am due in 4 weeks and have started acupuncture to make sure I will not be overdue this time. Good luck to you whatever you decide, I know it's a very personal decision but I just think too many times Drs are too quick to "do something" and not let nature take its course.

Dawn said...

I don't know enough about induction to really have an opinion - except that I tend to lead towards letting nature take its course.
I think it's interesting that your doctor would offer this. It makes me think being induced must not be that big a risk, otherwise would the doctor offer it? Then again, I wonder whether or not they'd do it if you were so sick of being pregnant and begged for an early induction.

m. said...

i am late commenting on this one so you have probably already made up your mind, but that's o k because i don't know what to tell you anyway! i was induced 5 days early with sobe & it was a great experience for me. i did have to have an epidural, so... i am usually so anxious but this time i m not. the best part about my induction was that it went quickly & the hospital was ready for me. it just seemed so organized & went so smoothly, which was completely different from my first! good luck whatever you decide!