Monday, May 18, 2009

Pie Time!

I had a lot of lemons from my produce co-op and so Sunday we made a lemon meringue pie. Dotty helped with the crust and with the meringue. It was the first big project with her new apron from the beehive bazaar - or as she calls it "the pen store" since we also bought a pen there with a clown head on it, (always the creepy kid...). Dotty shares my gene for not liking messy hands. I improvised a tiny rolling pin out of a chopstick. I definitely need to buy her a mini baking set as she LOVED this project. My favorite parts of the process:
  • Dotty (though a little scared of the mixer) yelling while we beat the eggs for the meringue "Good job mixer! I'm so proud of you!!!!!"

  • After we put her piece of dough in with the rest of the pie - "We better go show Daddy!"

  • when the pie was brought out at Grandma's house, Dot turned to Daphne "My mom made it!"


    Anonymous said...

    haha, she is sooo cute!! I love the mixer encouragement!

    Esther Alene said...

    So wonderful to read and see the pictures. I felt almost like I was there!

    Gilly said...

    She is so grownup I can't wait to talk toher when you visit!