Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ben and Straight

Our wonderful wonderful friends Ben and Sarah finally came up to Utah for a peek at Townes. I hope our little smiley guy was worth the trip. Even though they live in sunny San Clemente they chose our mountains to shoot their family photo.

They look so at home....if you move here Cory will give you your wedding video....

The title comes from when I was teaching Dotty how to pump on the swing - we were chanting "bend and straight...bend and straight" At least, I thought we were....she thought we were saying "Ben and straight" and smiled "just like uncle Ben!"


Sarah said...

Townes was definitely worth the trip and Dotty was so much fun as always. Right before we left we walked into your room to say good bye to the kids and found Dotty cuddling up to Townes, talking to him and trying to put a binky in his mouth.

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Very cute! I like the picture too! Glad they got to meet Townes, now I just need to meet him!