Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We went pumpkin shopping this weekend since a local farm had a display by our house. Dotty picked out a little one and then we picked two "cinderella pumpkins" because they are so pretty and they might turn into a stage coach. We also got some gourds because they were just too perfect to pass up. Right now you can't see our porch from the street because of our tall grasses - I'm going to cut them this weekend and make a proper fall display. I LOVE FALL!
Dotty loved the whole process.


Anonymous said...

It looks good to me!!!!

I want to take her home with me. When is bring your daughter to work day?

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

I love fall too! Your kids are sure cute. Make sure to take pictures of your fall display when you get it put together :)

Gilly said...

It looks good to me too. Can you blieve we have thanksgiving this weekend. I wish we could come down for American thanksgiving in November!
That family picture is adorable

Esther Alene said...

She looks good to me!!!!! I love her to bits. Little Townsey is so cute.

Gregory said...

Sometimes I wish Dotty was my boss. I'd hand in something, and i'd know that i wouldn't have to revise it at all. She'd just hop up and down with the draft in her hand, saying, "it looks good to me!"