Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So here is the disneyland post. At the end of September we took the kids to Disneyland. For months, Cory had been showing Dotty Youtube videos of all the different rides. She was really excited. But Cory was probably more excited. So for the first day Cory and Dot went by themselves. I don't have any of the videos of Dot and Cory on that first day but you can imagine it was non-stop fun, ride after ride, with just a little bit of rain.

Townes and I tagged along on the next day and it was honestly the best time I've ever had at Disneyland. It was a rainy day, but we were prepared. Cory knows Disneyland so well that he had a plan of what rides to go on when, to get the most for our time. We started out at Peter Pan because it always gets the craziest. Then we hit the rest of Fantasyland, with some teacups at the end. Unfortunately Dot saw the whale and we had to do the Storybook ride, but whatever. Then there was Matterhorn (where Dot went with no hands, saying "Wooo" the whole time).

We hit up Tomorrowland at just the right time since it started to rain and we could do Captain EO and Buzz Lightyear to avoid getting soaked. As you can see Townes wasn't too into the giant Buzz, but he did like the Buzz ride.

Then we were on our way to ToonTown when we found the princess place and got in line to meet the princesses. We didn't know which princesses were going to be there, since as you know, the Princesses have a lot of work to do, writing policy and whatnot and so they can't just all be gone at one time (my sad attempt to make princess worship a little more feminist) But we were happy that we got Belle, Ariel and Cinderella! Dot was over the moon.


Gilly said...

Great post. It makes me want to go so bad, and when we do - I will definately call on Cory's expertise. And in regards to Townes and the giant buss - how would you like to have your favourite to expanded to scary giant porpotions.

Cammie said...

Super cute photos!

Gregory said...

I like how she's clearly the most pleased with Ariel, while giving Cinderella a more conciliatory hug. As if to say, We've all been there, Cinder, chin up.

mere said...

Cinderella talked her ear off, I think she was just hugging her to get her to shut up.