Monday, November 22, 2010

New York | Post #3 Music Night/ Dotty's Debut

Jack just started learning the trombone at school. This led to an impromptu music night on Sunday night. Dotty and Max played the harmonica, Ella was on the keyboard and Ryan accompanied on the grand piano.

After the performance, Ryan performed a song he wrote for his grandma. He played the piano while he sang. This inspired Dot and so she decided she wanted to sing "Tomorrow" for everyone, but only while playing the piano. It was an inspired performance.

It was a fabulous day and Dot was exhausted by the end, as was Townes. This is how I found them after they fell asleep.

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Gilly said...

Dotty is Solid Gold! And I love how She and Townes look identical when they are sleeping. So Fun. THanks for posting. I miss all you guys,