Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New York | Post #1 Dot and Ella...Ella...Eh eh eh

Dotty and Ella were almost inseparable while we were in New York. Neither one has a sister, and so it was as if they were filling that void! They danced, played games, practiced the piano, made forts. Dotty wanted to do anything and everything with Ella.

Ella even took Dot to the potty (no photo) and when I told her that Ella shouldn't have to wipe her, Dot had a meltdown. They are bosom friends and they were both crying when we had to leave. As it happens, Dot drew Ella's name in the Christmas Cousin Gift Exchange and she is dying over what to give her. We are so excited.


Gilly said...

Ahh - Ella and Dotty are the best!!!

Cammie said...

Mere, these photos are so beautiful!