Monday, April 16, 2007

birth day

I find that I never get tired of reading others' birth stories. So I thought I'd post about mine and then hopefully get some juicy ones in the comments.
Now apparently mine was pretty easy. The hardest part about my labor was that it didn't come. My due date was jan 7th so my mom and anne flew out on the 6th with plans to stay until the 15th. After my appointment on the 11th my doctor said that I couldn't be induced until that monday (the day my mom had to leave). This was heartbreaking and horribly stressful. But the good news was that I needed to go to the hospital on friday for some monitoring since I was overdue. To check on my fluids. When I finally got admitted and they ran some tests, things looked okay but they decided to keep me anyway and just induce me right then. Hallelujia!

They start inducing me with some cervical gel around 8pm with plans to start pitocin around midnight. By midnight I was so advanced that I ended up not needing the pictocin but I did need an epidural. The nurse was reluctant since she didn't want the epidural to stall my labor. Little did she know I was already transitioning, I was just a little too quiet about things. My contraction monitor had fallen off unknowingly and so she couldn't tell that they were intense and two minutes apart. She suggested that I wait a couple of hours for the epidural but I didn't want to do that. So they gave me the epidural and in a coupld hours I fell asleep. Somewhere while sleeping they gave me some oxygen since the baby was a little distressed. Then at 5am I woke up and could feel her coming out. She was. I woke up Cory who get woozy and borrowed my oxygen mask. Then 40 minutes later the baby came. I said "I like her a lot" the nurses laughed. I asked if I tore and the doctor just said "look at your baby." meaning you delivered a heffer of course you tore. I said she looked like Cory and Cory said she looked like me and the doctor said we were crazy since we look exactly the same how can we tell? I asked if I should try and feed her and they said why not? She started eating right away.

I miss that day. It was so fun and then we just got to hang out together at the hospital for a couple of days. We hang out these days too, but it just will never be that way again. Blissful baby days. I love it.
I'd love to hear all your stories. Even if I've already heard them.


Melis said...

I sincerly hope I can have such wonderful feelings about my next delivery, Amelia's makes me tired just thinking about it

Here is mine . . .
They told me they were going to induce me on my due date, I had to be at the hospital at 8:00 am and I wasn't allowed to eat before I came. So of coarse I am not going to sleep well the night before as it is, but then the hospital kept calling me in the middle of the night to tell me that too many women were having babies and they weren't going to be ready when they thought, so I didn't get any sleep.

10am they admit me, give me drugs and wait. Noon they break my water, give an epidural and we wait. 6pm start talking about c-section. 8pm things are finally working and we decide it will happen naturally. 12 or so, now extremely tired and starving it is time to push. The next 4 and 1/2 hour of my life sucked. The epidural guy kept giving WAY too much and other women kept pouring in so they kept stopping the pushing for me and delivering the other women. Also the epidural guy was sure I was about to deliver so he would give me the kind that wore off quick(less than an hour) vs. the one that lasted, so by the time they got back to delivering my it was wearing off and I would need more. By the end I was so tired I don't know if I was actually awake, I know I probably hadn't open my eyes for an hour and would push when told. 4:22 am Amelia was born, but she didn't cry so they took her away without letting me see her. That woke me right up. 20 min. later they decided she was fine, and I finally met my baby. Then I slept.

stephen & lauren reber said...

I delivered Ella on her due date...but only after I had been in labor for 24 hours (without progressing more than a 2) and while the doctor told me he could help me relax with sleeping pills, I said I would prefer an epidural and right they induced me around 11 pm and she delivered at about 8 in the morning. I slept right until the nurse told me it was time to push. I remember being shocked by all the dark black hair on her head and momentarily thought, this can't be my baby. I was expecting me I guess (I was bald for a long time as a baby). But, come to find out that Stephen was born with that jet black, thick hair. It made sense. She was beautiful and she immediately made her "vibrant" personality known with some real loud continues to this day.

Now, I am a true fan of second babies because without knowing it (two days before my due date), I was at a four and the doctor told me to come in, they induced me, a few hours later I pushed for about 5 minutes and it was wonderful. I think this time I was expecting a baby with dark hair, but instead I got a baldie. She is beautiful and surprise, surprise, calm. My girls are each so unique and beautiful. It is a wonderful testament to me of our individuality and worth. Thanks for sharing your story Mare--I feel so much closer to you (he he he).